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Music is beautiful and universal and it is more than just a sequence of sounds arranged in a pleasing manner. What I believe about music is that it is something which reaches deep within me and that which draws out my feelings in different ways. Music is the only way through which my feelings can be expressed without the need to disagree with others and hence music is the only power that makes it possible to bring people of different cultures and opinions closer together. If every single person in this world has interest towards music, or if they learn to play any musical instrument like the guitar, piano or other instruments, then it would make them better persons and make this world a better place. No one can deny the fact that music is the only thing that has the power to transcend all the barriers like cultural, geographical, social and language.

Music in any form is simply amazing. Whether it is the birds’ chirping sweetly, the sound of the flowing rivers or the performance of an orchestra live on stage, the way in which music is perceived is what matters the most. What I realized is that music is simply not a sequence of notes put together in rhythm but it can also be any type of sound or even silence sometimes that touches the heart of a person in any circumstance.

Music has its own moments of ups and downs similar to our lives. It can bring about tranquility or also the moods of melancholy and sorrow at times. Any types of emotions from deep within can be expressed with the help of music which is similar to any language. Music score in places where one runs out of words. It has the power to evoke emotions suddenly from nowhere which is something mysterious about music. Music also provides comfort and the healing for any person during times when they need them more and this is what made me to believe in music.

Each individual has many types of reasons on why they like music or listen to it often as a part of their everyday routine. Some people like to listen to their favorite music or songs which depend on the mood. Music can help us overcome even the toughest situations and comforts us during the hard times and hence it is a very powerful and essential tool for everyone.


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